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Below is a small selection of our activities. If you have any questions about this, you can always contact us without obligation.
NL Exceptioneel is a specialist in exemptions for exceptional transports throughout Europe and far beyond. We take care of your transport from A to B and from A to Z.

Because we apply our exemptions wherever possible from the relevant authorities, we can keep costs low and offer our exemptions at very attractive rates. Your advantage is that you only need one point of contact.

Transport guidance
NL Exceptioneel is a specialist in transport Guidance for exceptional transports throughout Europe and beyond.

Together with our sub contractors, we have a very modern and advanced fleet of vehicles that are equipped to provide support throughout Europe. New in our fleet are 4 vehicles specially equipped for BF4 escorts in Germany.

Route survey
NL Exceptioneel gladly examines your route in combination with the transport to be accompanied.

Driver services
NL Exceptioneel is happy to provide your driver services, in combination with the accompanying transport.

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