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Your partner in special transport

About us

NL Exceptioneel was founded in 1994, initially as a service provider in freight industry. Over the years our speciality has shifted to abnormal load transportation. Initially, the focus was on the execution of abnormal load transports, but as time progressed, attention became increasingly more focused on the service-providing aspect of exceptional transports and abnormal load movements.

NL Exceptioneel has now grown into an all-round service provider in exceptional transport. One of the most eye-catching services is the provision of escort vehicles for oversized abnormal load movements. NL Exceptioneel has a modern fleet of escort vehicles that can be deployed in several countries.

Planning an abnormal load movement goes hand in hand with obtaining the required permits and exemption certificates. NL Exceptioneel has a multilingual permit department and provides permits for all European countries.

You can also contact NL Exceptioneel for route surveys and the removal of roadside furniture when necessary, the purchase of applicable marking boards, and all services related to abnormal load transport

Border Crossing

NL Exceptioneel's activities do not stop at national borders. NL Exceptional tries to distinguish itself by offering its services across borders. In recent years, these cross-border activities have been given a huge boost by the establishment of two sister companies. In 2017, the German sister company DE-Exceptional was founded and in 2021 B-Exceptional started in Belgium.

The exchange of information and knowledge between the various companies provides a considerable amount of knowledge of, among other things, local laws and regulations and of the various road networks. Whether it concerns ready knowledge and understanding of laws and regulations, applying for permits or deploying escort car drivers or traffic management supervisors, NL Exceptioneel can in many cases call on its own employees. Where there is no such possibility or where our own knowledge is not sufficient, we work closely with various agents throughout Europe.