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Escorts cars

In recent years, NL Exceptioneel has increasingly focused on offering its services across borders. The establishment of sister companies in Germany (2017) and in Belgium (2021) has given this process a significant boost.

In the field of transport assistance you can contact NL Exceptioneel for the guidance of exceptional transports both in the Netherlands and elsewhere in Europe.

When it comes to legislation regarding transport escort, each European country has its own rules and procedures. Due to the close cooperation with our sister companies in Belgium and Germany, we are focused on assisting each other when it comes to cross-border transport. In certain cases, our employees can also provide guidance in other countries, such as France, Denmark or Switzerland. Where we ourselves are not authorized or unable to provide guidance, we work together with local partners who have knowledge of the regulations and the road network there.

Whether transport escort is prescribed in many countries depends on the transport dimensions. Germany is an exception to this. In Germany, the exemption prescribes whether guidance is required. These regulations may differ from state to state. In Germany, different types of escort vehicles are used, namely BF2, BF3 and BF4. Our sister company in Germany has both BF2, BF3 and BF4 vehicles and can also organize HiPo (Hilfepolizei) and police escort. Some Dutch NL Exceptioneel escort car drivers are also trained to be allowed to guide in Germany as BF2 or BF3 escorts. All of our escort car drivers are fluent in local languages making contact with the police or other localised authorities much easier. Being able to communicate in the countries own language is often mandatory and is stipulated in most permits.