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A permit is required for carrying out transports that are larger or heavier than permitted by law. NL Exceptioneel specializes in applying for permits for abnormal load movements in many countries.

Each European country has its own rules and procedures with regard to permits. In recent years, NL Exceptioneel has specialized more and more in the field of regulations in the various European countries. We now provide exemptions for the whole of Europe. In the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, France and Denmark, among others, we take care of these permits entirely in-house. In terms of local regulations, we are strengthened by our sister companies in Belgium and Germany. In those countries where our own knowledge is not yet sufficient, we work together with various agents who are familiar with the procedures there and who are in close contact with the local authorities.

Due to the expertise in all European countries, you can contact NL Exceptioneel for both local transport in European countries and cross-border transport throughout Europe and sometimes even further.

TÜV Gutachten and §70

In several European countries, underlying documentation is required to apply for a permit. Particularly in Germany, in many cases you need underlying documentation to be able to apply for a permit.

If the vehicle meets the legally permitted maximum dimensions but the load is too long, too high or too wide, an exemption is required in Germany according to §46. No underlying documentation is required to apply for a permit in accordance with §46.

When a vehicle exceeds the permitted maximum dimensions and/or weights, both an exemption according to §70 and an exemption according to §29 are required.

A §70 is a vehicle approval for vehicles or combinations with which the legal maximum dimensions can be exceeded. The basis for granting a §70 is a TÜV Gutachten, this contains the technical data of the vehicle or combinations. A TÜV Gutachten is often provided with the purchase of a new trailer.

If you do not have §70, and/or TÜV Gutachten, you can contact NL Exceptioneel to make a request to acquire this.